NEW! How to Build an Insect

HOW to Build an Insect by Roberta Gibson and Anne Lambelet is an engaging introduction to insect anatomy for pre-K to 5th grade students. It’s a natural fit to first read this book and then have students build model insects.

How to Build an Insect by Roberta Gibson and Anne Lambelet

  • Recommended for: teaching about insect anatomy
  • Interest level: pre-K & up
  • Reading level: 2nd grade & up
    • lexile: 490
    • guided reading: M

The premise of the book is that the author is inviting readers to build an insect: “Let’s build an insect. Where should we start?” This approach is engaging, and I imagine it would be fun this book aloud to a classroom full of students. Furthermore, the question/answer format used throughout offers built-in opportunities to pause to build students’ comprehension skills.

Author Roberta Gibson, an entomologist with a masters degree from Cornell University, is a credible source of fascinating facts about insect anatomy. In How to Build an Insect, she begins with the basics: An insect’s body is comprised of 3 parts (head, thorax and abdomen). We then move onto more obscure facts. For example, insects have five eyes. …and insects can’t have lungs because their exoskeletons would prevent lungs from expanding with air. (Hmm… Intriguing!)

This book first caught my attention because I liked the look of Anne Lambelet’s illustrations. They have a crafty, collage-y feel that fits with the theme of the book: building an insect. If you, like me, are new to Lambelet’s work, go check it out at: It’s fantastic! I look forward to seeing what she illustrates next!

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