Collaboration Is the Key to Effective Research Skills Instruction

WE are looking for examples of classroom teachers and librarians collaborating to feature here at The Curious Kid’s Librarian!

To be meaningful and memorable, research skills instruction must be integrated into the curriculum. Classroom teachers and school librarians must work together to plan and teach lessons that simultaneously teach core curriculum learning objectives and research skills.

When classroom teachers adopt an inquiry-based approach without collaborating with school librarians, the inquiry process often lacks substance. Classroom teachers often have students answer research questions based solely on observations. They often overlook teaching students how to search for answers to their questions in books, websites, journals, encyclopedias and other sources.

On the flip side, when school librarians teach research skills without collaborating with classroom teachers, those research skills lack meaning. Research skills are only interesting and will only stick with students when used to find answers to interesting research questions.

Case Studies Call-Out

Are you a school librarian, classroom teacher, administrator or public librarian with a story to share that might inspire others?

  • a specific research project taught collaboratively?
  • a school schedule designed to promote collaboration between teachers and librarians?
  • a creative method of collaborating?
  • an inquiry-based learning or problem-based learning (PBL) school where the school librarian plays a central role in teaching research skills?
  • a children’s or teen librarian at a public library who collaborates with teachers to teach research skills?

Please, share your story!

A few sentences introducing your story is great! If your story sounds like a good fit for The Curious Kid’s Librarian, I will be in touch to interview you.

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